I offer a range of services to my clients – we can work together as much, or as little, as you wish.  My service is highly personalised, and I create 1 to 1 programs to suit you and your other commitments.  Sometimes that means we meet at my house, or your house if that suits better.  If the only time you can go walking is at 6am and you want me to support you – I’ll try and be there.

A typical program would include some core elements:

Free “Getting to Know You” Session

 This is the first meeting, where we meet and chat through your goals, and what I can do for you.  There’s absolutely no commitment following this – it’s a chat to understand what you want, what is realistic, and what I can offer!

Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, I’ll take you through registration for the SlimmerStyle service.  Working together, we’ll start to craft your program.  This is a learning experience for us both – I’ll learn about you, what you like and dislike, what your goals are, and how your program can fit into your lifestyle.  We’ll talk about where you are now, and record some details.  We’ll also start to define what “success” looks like, setting realistic goals and timescales.

Weekly Consultations

The very best way of achieving is in a team, and I’m on your side.  I meet most of my clients each week, to review how things are going – we’ll discuss what’s been going on in the last week, what your diet has been like, and what sort of exercise you’ve been able to do – and we’ll make plans for the next week.  And don’t worry – I completely understand how sometimes there’s a big party, or a business trip with too much entertaining every night – because those are the things we all have to deal with sometimes!  My plans are customised to you, and to your ongoing needs and situation, and we’ll take these things in our stride.

In each case, the program is constructed according to your wishes – and constraints.  My program has to fit with your lifestyle, in order that you can be successful in the long term.   I don’t want to give you quick weight loss if that means you put it all back on again – my programs are intended to make small changes to your lifestyle which you can sustain, delivering that long term health goals.

Some clients want more support than once a week meetings, while others want less.  Similarly, some clients want me to come walking or running with them to help build confidence – we’ll work together, and if offering that support will make you more successful, than that support will be there.

Many clients request very custom programs – I’m here to help, whether that means additional meetings, meeting at your office or home, or individual fitness support.  When we do these plans, costs are calculated individually.

Once we’ve set up a program, we set up a monthly payment plan – this is the ideal approach as it makes the psychological link – that we are committing to something which may take some effort, but will be worth it in the end!