Holiday Diet Plan - Nutrition for Beach Holidays

A health and nutrition approach for this summer’s holiday.
And the Christmas Party… and the beach next year…

We all want to look our best for our holidays, and if that involves the beach, you’ll be thinking about how you might look in swimwear!  It’s always nice to lose a few pounds before stripping off… so why not start your holiday diet plan now?

Our nutritional advice and exercise support go far beyond your holiday though.  We’ll offer a customised plan which shows you how to lose weight, drop a dress size or whatever – but also how to keep that weight off in the long term.  It’s all about small changes that can make a big difference – so you will look good on the beach this year – and at Christmas – and then again back on the beach next year!

Take a look at our approach – we help you look good through a combination of easy changes which you can sustain in the long term, ensuring that when you’re looking good, you stay looking good!

Holiday Diet Plans that Work All Year

The secret to what we do is we don’t rush things.  We all know that crash diets just don’t work – you lose weight fast, but by depriving yourself of treats.  The result is that the moment the diet finishes, you pile the weight back on – so you look fine for this year’s holiday, but a few weeks or months later, you’re back to the same weight, and the crash diet and fad weight loss program has to begin all over again.  And while that is soul destroying, it is the reality for most people.

Our diet plans are different.  We might start with a holiday diet plan, but what we’re trying to do is help you re-balance your lifestyle – matching calories in to calories out.  When we achieve that, your summer holiday diet plan lasts into the autumn, past christmas, into the new year… and onwards.  Our goal is a sustainable weight loss program which gets you to a body shape and weight that you’re proud to show off!