SlimmerStyle is not a diet club, it’s for people who want to improve their health and appearance in a sustainable way.  That means things that are realistic, things that you can continue to do for years to come – not something painful that you can’t wait to finish.

Here are things we don’t like:

  • Tortuous exercise programs in the gym which we can’t wait to finish
  • Feeling humiliated at a “fat club” because we’ve eaten out, or gone to a wedding
  • That feeling of not knowing where to start, of tackling it alone
  • Feeling intimidated in a gym, because everyone else is younger and slimmer (and know how the machines work!)
  • Finishing a diet, only to put all the weight back on – that’s just soul destroying
  • Having to make our lives revolve around the timings of impersonal diet clubs with generic advice
  • Cabbage soup, or any diet which involves only eating sausages or steaks (or not eating sausages, steaks, or whatever)
  • Sweaty trainers!

We know what we don’t like, and we don’t think we’re unusual in that!  So instead, what we do is work with you.  We start by figuring out what you actually want to achieve, and we come up with a plan which delivers it.  That plan will be something which will evolve, and should be something you can continue with long after you have achieved your goals.  It won’t involve crash diets or fad eating or strenuous exercise, because in the real world, nobody continues after they hit their goals – and that’s when the weight piles back on.

A typical program includes:

  • One to one consultations at a time to suit you.  We can even come to you, so if you’re busy, you don’t even need to waste travel time!
  • A thought-through plan which includes advice on diet and simple exercise to deliver your goals
  • Personal support – regular meetings to review and plan around your lifestyle
  • Coaching and company on your journey – it’s always easier to do this together!