holiday diet plansHoliday Diet Plans

Are you thinking about your summer holiday? I am – I have spent all of the last week and most of this weekend looking at where, when, how much and so on. I have just about narrowed it down enough to show my husband and convince him! But for a lot of us, choosing the holiday is the easy bit.  How are we going to get ready for the swimsuit?  Now is the time to start thinking about it!  As a nutritionist I really don’t suggest quick fad diets – but having a diet goal for a holiday is a great way to get motivated, and of course you’d like the changes to last.  Start now, and you can make small changes to your lifestyle which will have a big effect on your weight- and because the changes are small, you can keep going long after the holiday is just a happy memory.  You’ll look great for the photos – but if you follow our nutrition plan, you’ll still look great when you’re showing off the holiday snaps at Christmas…

Get Slim for Summer

Now is the time to start your lifestyle change to make it easier for the summer! The earlier you start the better.  Most diet plans focus on crashing off weight, which is why those diet plans are unsustainable.  A proper nutrition-based plan will help you shed pounds gently, with small changes to what you eat – and perhaps trying to encourage a little more exercise.  That sort of diet plan, started now, can really get you in shape for the summer holiday. Also, if you take it steady, there is a much greater change that you will stick to the plan and the weight will stay off.  That’s what we mean when we talk about “sustainable weight loss” – it’s all about small changes which are easy to do, but which become part of your routine.

Diet Consultant & Nutrition Advice around Ashby de la Zouch and Burton on Trent

Dieting is so much easier when you have an experienced mentor and coach!  That’s where I can help – I’m a nutrition consultant, experienced in setting up subtle diet plans for men and women who just want to lose a few pounds, and to be able to maintain that weight.  I’d be very happy to advise you on what works, and what doesn’t. Lets talk about it!  Give me a call or drop me an email?