Successful 1-1 Weight Loss




Last week was fantastic – ALL my clients lost weight and are even closer further to their personal goals! I work on a 1-1 basis with my clients either at their houses, at mine or I have just started doing Skype sessions as well – it is what ever suits you best. After an initial consultation I work out a personalised weekly diet plan that takes into account food likes and dislikes, family needs, meals out and exercise. Give me a call if you would like to know more about how I can help you – my number is 01283 246464.

Get Slim for Summer

holiday diet plansHoliday Diet Plans

Are you thinking about your summer holiday? I am – I have spent all of the last week and most of this weekend looking at where, when, how much and so on. I have just about narrowed it down enough to show my husband and convince him! But for a lot of us, choosing the holiday is the easy bit.  How are we going to get ready for the swimsuit?  Now is the time to start thinking about it!  As a nutritionist I really don’t suggest quick fad diets – but having a diet goal for a holiday is a great way to get motivated, and of course you’d like the changes to last.  Start now, and you can make small changes to your lifestyle which will have a big effect on your weight- and because the changes are small, you can keep going long after the holiday is just a happy memory.  You’ll look great for the photos – but if you follow our nutrition plan, you’ll still look great when you’re showing off the holiday snaps at Christmas…

Get Slim for Summer

Now is the time to start your lifestyle change to make it easier for the summer! The earlier you start the better.  Most diet plans focus on crashing off weight, which is why those diet plans are unsustainable.  A proper nutrition-based plan will help you shed pounds gently, with small changes to what you eat – and perhaps trying to encourage a little more exercise.  That sort of diet plan, started now, can really get you in shape for the summer holiday. Also, if you take it steady, there is a much greater change that you will stick to the plan and the weight will stay off.  That’s what we mean when we talk about “sustainable weight loss” – it’s all about small changes which are easy to do, but which become part of your routine.

Diet Consultant & Nutrition Advice around Ashby de la Zouch and Burton on Trent

Dieting is so much easier when you have an experienced mentor and coach!  That’s where I can help – I’m a nutrition consultant, experienced in setting up subtle diet plans for men and women who just want to lose a few pounds, and to be able to maintain that weight.  I’d be very happy to advise you on what works, and what doesn’t. Lets talk about it!  Give me a call or drop me an email?

Healthy Flapjacks – diet snack recipes

healthy flapjack snack 

My new favourite healthy flapjack recipe.

At Slimmerstyle we love flapjacks, especially healthy flapjacks! Unfortunately they are so often full sugar, honey and butter – especially if you buy them from the shops. So I have been looking for a recipe that is packed full of the good stuff and less of the bad – but that still taste great. I have tried lots of different combinations and have made a few that taste just like nutty cardboard but the other night I made these and they are lovely.  The recipe is called the Feelgood Flapjack from the BBC Good Food website – take a look.


Diet Tips from our Ashby de la Zouch Nutritionist Talk

Ashby Nutritionist

Last week I spoke about diet and nutrition at the Ashby de la Zouch “Ladies Business Lunch – a few hints and tips on weight loss and New Year’s Resolutions!  I thought I could share some of the dietary tips I gave – I hope they’re fun and useful!

Small Lifestyle Changes Make a Big Difference

I talked about one client who works upstairs in a shop.  Every day she’d have to go downstairs, and then she’d ride the escalator back up.  It was a tiny and obvious change in her lifestyle which delivered her long term weight loss goals – if she was to use the stairs, she’d burn a few calories.  When we added it up, it turned out to be quite a few calories – on average, seven trips up the stairs, which equated to about 80 calories a day for her.  It doesn’t sound a lot, but added up over a year, that calorie deficit amounts to half a stone of weight loss.

I hate counting calories, but this is a great example of how the small lifestyle changes I advocate can make a massive difference to diet and weight loss.

It is a small part of the story, as it is always in conjunction with a healthy diet, but all the small changes really do add up.

How Ashby’s Tesco helps Weight Loss

So how can the Ashby Tesco store help weight loss?  Simple.  It has a huge car park, and many of us will visit at least once every week.

Not taking the easy option on parking can really help add a little exercise to your diet routine.  As an example, most of us will try and get the parking space nearest the supermarket’s front door.  I advise my nutrition clients to park further away.  It’s a small change, but again it’s an easy one – it makes you walk a few steps more.  Over a week or a month, that little bit of extra effort will have a positive effect on you- much easier than always cutting stuff out of your diet, we’re adding something new and easy in!  If your weight has been creeping up very gently, tiny changes like these may well stabilise it – and start to deliver a sustainable weight reduction for the long term.

I had many more tips for my friends at Ashby de la Zouch Ladies Business Group, I’ll try and note some more of them down in anotehr post – and if you are interested in the group, their website is at – why not come along?

Nutrition – presenting in Ashby

ALBG photoThe Ashby Ladies Business Group meets about once a month – it’s a members networking group for women in business.  We meet for lunches and coffee mornings, and it’s an informal and fun forum for local women, run by Sue Crooks. Sue’s asked me to be guest speaker at this month’s lunch on Monday 12th January – the title of the event being “New Year, New You!”  It’s obviously a great time to be thinking of nutrition with all our New Year’s resolutions, and I am sure that many of us are thinking of weight loss after too many chocolates and turkey! I’ll be talking about my approach to healthy eating and weight management – it’s not about crash diets or taking the good stuff away, it’s all about making small and sustainable changes to routines to give a weight loss plan which can be continued for years. Please do come along – you can get more details from the group at

Determination and Confidence

JaneAs a nutritionist and style coach, I’ve started to notice something about a lot of really successful people in business – often ladies.  In their careers, they have enormous ambition and drive. Their confidence is incredible – they know they can succeed.  Yet they feel that whenever they diet, they always fail – and so many simply stop believing they can ever get the figure or fitness they would like. I think that’s incredibly sad.  My tip for the day has to be – “Believe you can.”  It ties in with one of our little messages – “Together we can”.  I can give you the tools to help improve your nutrition, diet, fitness or weight.  Sometimes we only work on diet, or sometimes we only work on exercise – but the tools are not what really matters, and I’m there to support you through it. If all I do is give you the confidence to know you can do this, just as if it was a challenge in your business, I’ll actually have achieved a lot of my goals!

Burton on Trent – Meet the Nutritionist?

There’s a new Burton Ladies Group – a network for ladies in business!  Their first meeting is on the 22nd September in Burton on Trent.  I’ll be going along to see what it’s all about – it’ll be fun to learn more about some of the local businesses, and of course I’m always happy to gossip about my role as a nutritionist!

If you are going, I am always happy to talk about diet and nutrition, and give you some free advice – of course, I’d love to also welcome you to my clinic.  We’re based in Hartshorne, just south of Burton on Trent, and we can do private visits to your office or home if you prefer.

I also attend the Ashby de la Zouch Ladies Lunches – they are a great chance to meet up with other ladies running their own business.

Diets – Clock Watching Helps Weight Loss!

diet and weight loss are helped by eating at regular timesThe Simplest Diet Hint

A very simple diet trick for helping weight loss might surprise you – keep an eye on the clock!

It is such a simple tip for diets – if you eat at regular times, your body will be more efficient at managing digestion.  When you’re busy, try to set a regular time for lunch – so that your body knows what to expect.  Try to avoid skipping meals, or even just having meals at random times – your body will interpret the late meal as a sign it should be laying in some reserves, and the way it does that is to store fat. (more…)