Ashby Nutritionist

Last week I spoke about diet and nutrition at the Ashby de la Zouch “Ladies Business Lunch – a few hints and tips on weight loss and New Year’s Resolutions!  I thought I could share some of the dietary tips I gave – I hope they’re fun and useful!

Small Lifestyle Changes Make a Big Difference

I talked about one client who works upstairs in a shop.  Every day she’d have to go downstairs, and then she’d ride the escalator back up.  It was a tiny and obvious change in her lifestyle which delivered her long term weight loss goals – if she was to use the stairs, she’d burn a few calories.  When we added it up, it turned out to be quite a few calories – on average, seven trips up the stairs, which equated to about 80 calories a day for her.  It doesn’t sound a lot, but added up over a year, that calorie deficit amounts to half a stone of weight loss.

I hate counting calories, but this is a great example of how the small lifestyle changes I advocate can make a massive difference to diet and weight loss.

It is a small part of the story, as it is always in conjunction with a healthy diet, but all the small changes really do add up.

How Ashby’s Tesco helps Weight Loss

So how can the Ashby Tesco store help weight loss?  Simple.  It has a huge car park, and many of us will visit at least once every week.

Not taking the easy option on parking can really help add a little exercise to your diet routine.  As an example, most of us will try and get the parking space nearest the supermarket’s front door.  I advise my nutrition clients to park further away.  It’s a small change, but again it’s an easy one – it makes you walk a few steps more.  Over a week or a month, that little bit of extra effort will have a positive effect on you- much easier than always cutting stuff out of your diet, we’re adding something new and easy in!  If your weight has been creeping up very gently, tiny changes like these may well stabilise it – and start to deliver a sustainable weight reduction for the long term.

I had many more tips for my friends at Ashby de la Zouch Ladies Business Group, I’ll try and note some more of them down in anotehr post – and if you are interested in the group, their website is at – why not come along?