JaneAs a nutritionist and style coach, I’ve started to notice something about a lot of really successful people in business – often ladies.  In their careers, they have enormous ambition and drive. Their confidence is incredible – they know they can succeed.  Yet they feel that whenever they diet, they always fail – and so many simply stop believing they can ever get the figure or fitness they would like. I think that’s incredibly sad.  My tip for the day has to be – “Believe you can.”  It ties in with one of our little messages – “Together we can”.  I can give you the tools to help improve your nutrition, diet, fitness or weight.  Sometimes we only work on diet, or sometimes we only work on exercise – but the tools are not what really matters, and I’m there to support you through it. If all I do is give you the confidence to know you can do this, just as if it was a challenge in your business, I’ll actually have achieved a lot of my goals!