Looking GoodWith better diet and more energy, you’ll find a massive boost in your confidence – and you’ll want to reflect that in a  look that suits the new you.  Our style coaching can help.

I’ll help you with help and tips on style, guiding you to wear things that make you look even more amazing!

My background is in fashion design and retail, and I really enjoy working as a style coach with people – usually women – to create a look that suits them.  I’m sure you know all the common advice – what sort of stripes flatter your body shape and so on – but having an impartial style coach help and guide you as your body shape evolves can be a huge help.

What has Style Coaching got to do with Weight Loss?

In some ways style coaching and a new look is the treat that goes with a diet plan – as your weight loss program takes effect, you will see changes in your body shape.  For most people that’s the goal – to get rid of a wobbly tummy or a fat bum, and once they’re gone, you want to show it off!  We’re there to help with that.

I’ll provide advice on what to wear, down to what sort of colours, shapes and patterns will make you look good.  It’s a real part of the fun, especially for the girls.  Fashion and body shape are very closely linked – often a whole weight loss plan is started because some dress or jeans don’t fit any more, so when you’ve gone to so much trouble to get back into those jeans, we’ll work together to make sure you look incredible!

If you’d like to know more about me, please take a look at our “About Our Nutritionist” page?  Of course, if you want a full “personal shopper” program, I’ll probably introduce you to a real specialist – at SlimmerStyle style coaching is just a fun addition to what we do!