weight loss plans, diet plansHave you struggled with diets, perhaps lost a few pounds – only to put it back on again – and more?

A balanced nutrition plan can make all the difference.   Without counting calories, I’ll help you to lose weight – and teach you how to maintain that perfect weight forever.  We don’t do embarrassing club meetings – just personal meetings in a relaxing environment, even in your own home if you wish.

SlimmerStyle Diet Plans, Weight Loss Plans – The Difference

Our weight loss plans are not based on taking things away.  There are no banned foods, you don’t need to stop eating chocolate.  We work on the principle that small changes can be sustained.  We abhor the fad diet, where people lose pounds in days, only to find the weight loss reversed a few weeks later.  Instead, we’ll work with you to perhaps moderate the bad things in your diet a little, add some good things to compensate, and encourage you to take a little more exercise.  In combination, these changes make an incredible difference- but unlike a fad diet, this weight loss plans are easy to do, which means that you can keep at your ideal weight for years to come.

Our weight loss plans will not claim that you will lose pounds in weeks – instead, we believe that if it has taken years to put that weight on, your diet is probably not that far out of balance.  Small changes to diet and lifestyle can deliver weight loss plans which are easy to do, and which result in a gradual weight loss.  Isn’t it better to have a weight loss plan which removes half a stone over 7 months, but changes your lifestyle so it never comes back – or a crash diet, which removes half a stone, but leaves you craving treats – so you put all the weight back on?

Choose a SlimmerStyle diet plan – we’ll craft something individual to you, and we support and coach you throughout.  The result should be a new, healthier you – with more energy and with increased self confidence – knowing that you have the tools to keep looking good for the future.