slimmerstyle-250pxJane Weir is a trained nutritionist from Ashby de la Zouch who knows a bit about looking good – and of the trials of keeping fit… she’s had a long career in fashion, but with a young family, it wasn’t always easy to feed them well, eat properly, and run a successful business.  It became an interest and hobby, and eventually she studied nutrition and diet, becoming a qualified nutritionist in the process.

The Nutritionist’s Tale

 Hi – I’m Jane Weir, and I’m one of those women who used to be fed up with feeling a little overweight, and lacking energy.  I seemed to go from being on a diet for a holiday to feeling overweight again.  I tried slimming clubs, but frankly feeling humiliated for eating out with friends, or having to count every calorie, wasn’t really my thing.  I’ve tried joining a gym – I was too busy to get much use out of that!

That started me looking at health and diet, and I realised that while going to the gym and diets help, they’re one-off things.  You know how it goes you stop gong to the gym because you’re busy, or the diet finishes, you’ve hit your goal… and before you know it, you’re back where you started.

I started to try a new approach, which is all about making small changes that I can continue – not short-term tactics which torture you, and are then forgotten- because that won’t drive change.

I started to walk a little more, and studied nutrition to understand what was having the biggest effect on my weight.  I didn’t want to cut out treats or go on some fad diet that I couldn’t maintain.  I also didn’t want to become a slave to exercise.  The results are great- I’m the weight I want to be, and have more energy than ever before – but I’m not forcing myself to do anything I don’t find easy to achieve and sustain.  I ended up studying nutrition, and becoming a qualified nutritionist so that I can pass on this advice to others.

Jane now offers support to slimmers, usually on a one to one basis – offering coaching on diet and gentle exercise which help you make small changes which deliver realistic, sustainable results.  Why not contact her to find out more?